“Laurent Esso tried to kill me” Ayah Paul Abine reveals »

“Laurent Esso tried to kill me” Ayah Paul Abine reveals"

Reliable sources have disclosed that the retired chief Justice Ayah Paul released a letter in which he stated clearly that the Minister of Justice and keeper of the seals Laurent Esso tried to kill him himself.

“My life is in the Hands of the Minister of Justice and keeper of the seals with his accomplices.

I have been keeping this to myself and my family for a very long time now. It has to be revealed to the Cameroonian public and the world so that they know the plotters behind my misfortune. Honourable Igbele is behind a couple of machinations sponsored by a black cabinet led by Laurent Esso who has as objective to eliminate me.

One of their plans was to isolate me in special cell where I would be alone so that they can eliminate me silently but it hasn’t worked till today thanks to the social media and the world who are aware of everything that is happening to me here. For over 170 days that I have been here, my only problem is poor health and maybe some little abnormalities in my sight.

At the age of 67, I don’t have an internal toilet in my cell neither do I have direct access to toilets as from 10pm-6am. Every Cameroonian should know that my life is in the hands of Laurent Esso and his team. They should equally know that I have a big and all powerful God who will never abandon me. I thank him” extracts of the letter read.



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