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March 2, 2019

Victory of Kamto: the CPDM prepares a counter-attack

Headquarters of the Central Committee of the Democratic Rally of Cameroonian People (CPDM), which also serves as the headquarters of the candidate of this political party in the presidential election of 7 October 2018 on the shores of Lake Municipal Yaounde, yesterday midday , the parking is crowded with vehicles.

The enclosure still shows traces of the election campaign with posters stuck along the fence. In the offices, the managers are all in their positions.Including the Secretary General of the Party’s Central Committee, President of the National Supervisory Commission of the election campaign of President-Candidate Paul Biya at this poll.

If the effervescence of the days preceding the poll has fallen, the meeting rooms as for it do not empty. This is the case of the one hosting the members of the technical secretariat attached to the Central Supervisory Commission. The pace of work here may not be that of the hours following the closing of the poll, but the ten or so officials in this body are still at work.

“The job here is to liaise, not only with our field teams, but also with our representative at the National Committee for General Voting. At the campaign headquarters of the president-candidate, the pressure has fallen somewhat.Because, in addition to the technical secretariat mentioned above, only two other structures remain active.

There is the Legal and Litigation Subcommittee, chaired by Gregory Owona, one of the Deputy Secretaries General of the Central Committee and who, we are told, is scheduled to meet again in the afternoon. This structure indeed prepares the post-electoral dispute which is expected to be held in the coming days.

The CPDM and its candidate have certainly not appealed to the Constitutional Council, but they will not fail to be challenged in this litigation. A team of lawyers and other legal advisers is therefore at work.

Third and last structure still in operation, the Subcommission of Communication chaired by the Secretary for Communication at the Secretariat of the Central Committee, Jacques Fame Ndongo . It sits on the side of the Palais des Congrès in Yaounde. Here, as in the staffs of the other candidates, we have our eyes fixed on the Constitutional Council.


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