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March 5, 2019

Two Shot, Including An American Missionary In Bambili Crossfire

A level 3 economic student of Higher Technical Teacher’s Training College in Bambili, is under intensive medical care at the Bamenda Regional hospital after he was shot during a fierce gun exchange between Security forces and pro-independence fighters, Tuesday, October 30
Gregory Sabara was shot by stray bullets, Mimi Mefo info has learned.

Meantime, an American missionary who was shot during similar gunbattles this morning died few hours after he was rushed to the Bamenda Regional hospital for treatment.

Reports say he was shot this morning in Bambui allegedly by soldiers.
The front windscreen of his vehicle was targeted, Mimi Mefo info has learned.
The American missionary who was in the car with wife and kids, has been in Bamenda for about two weeks.

Meantime living in Bambili has been a nightmare for locals and students.

This is the University of Bamenda; absolutely deserted at a time when many were hopping that schools could resume in the days ahead.

It remains unclear if effective school resumption is a dream that can come true with the severe battle between amba boys (separatist fighters) and the military.

« We were counting on the military for security but I bet you, the few students available in Bambili are already looking for the least chance at their reach to run away as military men now drag the same students they are purportedly protecting. If I say it is bad here, I mean every morpheme of the words am using, » a Bambili local tells Mimi Mefo info in tears.

« We hope that the much awaited inclusive dialogue takes place soon so that peace can return. » He added

Calm is yet to return to Bambili as locals have been indoors all day.


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