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March 3, 2019

Post-electoral climate: open letter to Chantal and Paul Biya

Excellency, you have undoubtedly followed the unprecedented mobilization of Cameroonians from the country and the diaspora during the presidential elections of October 7, 2018. Through this mobilization, the people showed their will and determination to resolve the various crises multifarious (English, politico-social, economic and social, infrastructural, etc.) that undermine Cameroon through the ballot boxes. As a result, the people went massively to vote and made their choice.

As you have seen during the meetings of the Constitutional Court many irregularities that have been presented by the MRC led by Professor Maurice Kamto and the SDF led by Mr. Joshua Osih. The people have been able to see through the pleadings of the MRC that there are certainly more than 32 PV in seven regions of Cameroon representing more than 1,300,000 voters who have not been signed. Similarly, the SDF showed the people how in the so-called Anglophone areas the right to express the vote could not be exercised normally depriving citizens who are still obliged despite the current dangerousness of these areas to remain there . The SDF has shown how the leaders of these two regions have seen their lives attempted and their property ransacked just for exercising or attempting to exercise their civil right to vote. They have also shown that in some localities of these regions all forms of life and human activity were no longer possible because of the secessionist threat that continues to weigh heavily and dangerously in these areas. You have also certainly followed that Pr. Nkou Mvondo of the UNIVERS party refused to sign unsigned minutes to deny or protest mass fraud in these areas also protested by the MRC. Excellency, the most egregious illustration of the trickery was presented by Pr. NKou Mvondo who reported on one of the TV channels that in his native village, the CPDM had 100% while his mother and brother have voted for his party. How could this be possible ?? You have certainly followed that the request of the party UNIVERS was not admissible on the form whereas this party was within the time prescribed by the law.

Excellency Mr. President, the Cameroonian people have been bruised to realize that after 58 years of dependence, the Constitutional Council of Cameroon is still a chamber of registration whose sole decision is to make IRRECEVABLE all the remedies that are transmitted to it.

Your Excellency, the Constitutional Court is preparing itself after all this televised Circus, which was followed by Cameroonians as a Hollywood film for the first time, to proclaim the results to offer you a poisoned gift by wearing you for the 7th time as President of the Republic of Cameroon. At this moment when you are of your age among the very restricted circle of patriarchs of this Republic, I beg you to reflect once more on the acceptance of the proclamation of this result.

Since yesterday October 20, 2018, the protest marches of Cameroonians are organized in different cities of the West (Germany, France, Canada, USA, etc.) and will certainly continue to intensify. If you accept these results, the Cameroonian people in all cities of Cameroon will also follow this movement down the street to protest. If that happens, I am convinced that even calls to the order of the charismatic leaders of the opposition will not stop them from showing their discontent. In such an atmosphere most Cameroonians will blame you if this leads to slippage.

Excellency, the last patriarch of my family died this year at 84 years old. He was two years younger and these last days were intensely lived and he took the opportunity to get closer to his nuclear family and tell him his memory. Excellency, as my relative, I am sure that your life outside the palace will be much better away from the palace than in the palace. Your life will be brighter away from the palace at this time when the people and youth you love so much from north to south, from east to west, are hard at work demonstrating against your victory considered by her in its majority as stolen.

Mrs. Chantal Biya, mother of the Nation, you have like first lady seduced the Cameroonians through your charitable works and also thanks to your attachment to your nuclear family and the big Cameroonian family. You have also witnessed the election-related events that the country is going through at the moment, a story of which was made earlier in this letter.

Madam, as a mother and a wife, I can not pretend to give you advice. However, I am convinced that if you manage to convince your spouse the outgoing President to leave affairs at this time, your works will remain forever in the memory of Cameroonians. Like any mother who cares about the lives of her own sons and daughters and those of other mothers in her country, I beg you to have the wisdom and light to accompany the outgoing President your spouse in the decision, I can think difficult, to leave the business to avoid a generalized crisis in Cameroon.This decision, I am convinced, will give a greater joy of living to your nuclear family but also to those of the silent majority of Cameroonians waiting for the moment or the trigger to express their distress.

Cameroon is already experiencing many crises and another one will be suicidal.THE DECISION IS BETWEEN YOUR HANDS.



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