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March 2, 2019

Paul Biya pays $ 123 million a month to the US media “Confidential”

We know Rsg Stephen Fouks and Patricia Balme, today the Cameroonians discover a list of American companies paid in billions with the taxpayer money to help President Biya to stay in power.

” Paul Biya loves power and not Cameroon, Ahidjo loved Cameroon ” Former executive at the Ministry of Justice in retirement.

More than 123 million FCFA every month is the amount spent by Cameroonian leaders to polish the image of President Biya and blackout on his excesses at the international level, it is a revelation of the famous American media Foreign Policy.

For several months, a contract has been signed between President Biya and American firms for a period of one year until December2019.

Among these firms, Squire Park Boggs, Glover Park Group and Mercury Public Affairs, some of these lobbyists arrived at the presidential palace via the TOPCOM communication company owned by a Mfoundi elite.

At age 85, and 36 years in power, President Biya has more than ever reaffirmed his desire to drag on to power through an electoral hold-up.

The proclaimed victory of President Biya through a Constitutional Council is the subject of a media blackout on the international level, very few media speak about it, except in the USA the Washington Post and its ally Foreign Policy.

Clement Atangana President of the Constitutional Council who was retired and pleaded as a lawyer, had been appointed by the outgoing president candidate to his own estate, he will be rewarded the day after his decision to proclaim President Biya winner by a residence that will cost the Cameroonian taxpayer several hundred million CFA francs.

“Paul Biya pays according to the revelations of the Foreing Policy for the silence of the international press on his excesses. A president so concerned about his image on the international level, here is the proof with the financing of the Western counterfeiters usurping the title of Transparency International to give credit to the electoral masquerade especially in the regions of North-West, South-West and the Far North. “Explains John Nyamsa, a teacher at the University of Douala.


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