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March 3, 2019

I am bamileke but I am not a sheep who follows stupidly – Coco Emilia

The game is far from over. Coco Emilia aka Biscuit de Mer is back. Despite the lynching on the web by social media users, Kim Kardashian Cameroon does not let go.

She returns to the canvas with new attacks against the MRC candidate Maurice Kamto and all his team.

It’s on her Facebook page that she posted this message for her detractors ”

I’m Bamileke but I’m not a sheep that follows because we must follow stupidly.Open your eyes a little. This one wants to take us back to a new form of neocolonialism. Let those who have ears to listen listen well to what he says. Even before he has access to power, he wants to sell the country to Westerners and consort.You want to bring us back how many years back dad? You will not be here in 50 years, our children will pay the price. No, but anything. And that’s what you want Popol to go with? Where does he go? If God could even take him even 50 years off his age we would be fine. Paul Biya to the train station.He will quote the Ivory Coast even the Ivorians who were partisans of this policy at the beginning today denounce it because they realized the trap which was hidden behind. Better you remain President but only on Facebook. The mutton sheep still bleat you are working slaves bands. As someone said what is the point of wanting to cancel the elections that the force of experience would have lost? “.

Source: camerounweb.com

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