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March 4, 2019

Etoudi 2018: here is the new political map after the verdict

The results of the presidential election of October 7 last gave the opportunity to assess the degree of representativeness of the different political forces in the territory of the Southern region.

The first reading that can be made of the post-election political situation in the South is the emergence of a new political impulse that breaks with the classic configuration of 100% and one-sided battles. The political context has thus favored the penetration and implantation of other political forces, particularly the Universe Party.

For Patrice Messanga Abessolo, regional coordinator of the Universe Party, for the Southern region “nothing will be the same as before with the new interest that Cameroonians have for politics. And we believe that this interest will grow with this desire that young people have to participate in the management of the affairs of the Republic, “he said.

It is now clear, with the proclamation of the results of the 2018 presidential election, the southern region is no longer in the strict sense of the word an impregnable stronghold of the CPDM. The tsunami announced during the election campaign did not take place. Yet considered an outsider, the candidate of the Universe party has achieved an impressive breakthrough that requires the CPDM machine to review its war strategies for future elections.

Argument ruled admissible by Alexis Obama CPDM member: “Yes, the CPDM should reassure its activists, listen to the people, be concerned about the issues raised by people including water, electricity, youth unemployment graduates. Here are some tips that can help my party counter the opposition here, “he says.

A paradigm shift desired by many Cameroonians encountered in the context of this report. The restructuring of the political field of the South region therefore rebalances the political debate in this part of the country.


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