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March 2, 2019

Electoral struggle: Eric Kingue arrested, Maurice Kamto watched, point!

Paul Eric Kingue, campaign director of Maurice Kamto has been arrested with the director of Afrique Media Yaoundé after his broadcast on Afrique Média. He is currently on the premises of the judicial police of Yaoundé. The dictatorship of the regime hardens the tone, multiplies the intimidation and the arrests of opponents and journalists on the eve of the proclamation of the results of the seizure granting a seventh term of 7 years to Paul Biya.

Already Sunday morning, security forces in battle dress with bulletproof vests, stormed the home of Mrs. Kah Wallah Bonanjo neighborhood in Douala. Near police officers armed to the teeth, erected a barrier and installed a car pick-up to prevent the opponent to go to the peaceful march that was organized by a member of the SDF.

Around 6:30 pm, an alert was given that two police vehicles had just parked in front of the home in Douala of Albert Dzongang, former member of the CPDM, became fierce opponent of the regime, and who rallied to the coalition led by Professor Maurice Kamto.

In a warning bulletin issued on October 15, 2018, CL2P, an organization fighting for the release of political prisoners, was already reporting that an anonymous source had revealed to it that a plan was being prepared in the security and security services. Cameroon’s information, in anticipation of the official proclamation of the presidential election tomorrow Monday, October 22, was aimed at “suppressing” Albert Dzongang.

The same source also said that the regime would “neutralize” Maurice Kamto himself and one of his main allies, Christian Penda Ekoka, former economic adviser to President Biya, also joined the opposition coalition.

According to information from the online newspaper Camer. be, Maurice Kamto would already be put under discreet surveillance, all his movements controlled, all his phone calls intercepted by the secret services Cameroon. Still according to this Cameroonian website based in Belgium, Maurice Kamto would now be banned from leaving Cameroon for a year.”Kamto is free from any movement within the country, but it is forbidden to leave the territory for at least a year,” a police source told the newspaper. This prohibition of exit from the territory of Maurice Kamto aims to prevent the candidate declared winner of the presidential election to go to appeal to international courts, for post electoral disputes. “In any case, Maurice Kamto will not leave until Paul Biya is sworn in by November 6, 2018, reconsolidate his power, and reassure himself that this opponent is neutralized, and that it is no longer harmful. So anyway, the time of its prohibition of exit of the territory, depends on the evolution of the situation “, entrusted the police source to the newspaper.

With regard to the events and the militarization of the economic capital and the political capital, there is no longer any doubt: Paul Biya planned to go through the FORCE DES ARMES.


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