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March 5, 2019

Douala: Renowned female lawyer, and at least 20 others molested

Tens of protesters were arrested in Bonaberi, Douala, Cameroon’s Economic Capital today, October 27, 2018.

Renowned female lawyer, and at least 20 others were molested in the gutters before they were bundled by the gendarmes and taken to the Judicial Police in Bonanjo, for questioning.

The peaceful protest was part of the National Resistance Program to the electoral hold-up organised by the Cameroon Renaissance Movement-CRM Party, ahead of the swearing in ceremony of President elect, Paul Biya.

This is after the case of Maurice Kamto, who declared himself winner in the election failed to pushed through before the Constitutional Council.

The CRM Presidential candidate decided to take the streets, to denounce vote rigging and electoral fraud by the ruling CPDM and Elections Cameroons.

When Michel Ndoki and Co were arrested today, they had gathered at Banassama to stage a peaceful protest over River Wouri and to other parts of Douala.

Michel Ndoki, is one of the lawyers who dismayed many at the Constitutional council with her brilliant performance while defending the CRM case against electoral fraud.

Her arrest has been condemned by many, including the Cameroon People’s Party which issued a statement, calling for her immediate release.

« The CPP has just learned that a dozen militants of the CRM, including Me Michèle Ndoki, were arrested on the Bonabéri bridge during their protest march. Another twenty CRM members were arrested in Bessengué.
Since the announcement of the presidential election results the Biya Regime has been on a wild campaign of rampant violation of fundamental rights.
We say NO to the violation of our fundamental freedoms !!!
#FreeMicheleNdoki #FreeAllArrested »
Kah Wallah wrote.

Andre Blaise Essama was equally arrested at the CRM head office in Deido and taken for questioning.

Even a journalist with Le Jour Newspaper, Mathias Mouende Ngumo who was covering the protest was arrested.

As some of the CRM marched to Bonanjo to call for their release, the police prevented them by spraying teargas in the air.

At press time, they were still under custody and the private residence of CRM leaders under military surveillance.


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