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March 5, 2019

Cameroon: soldiers kill ‘refugee’ amongst suspected separatists in Kumba

An alleged Cameroonian refugee in Nigeria was on Tuesday October 23 killed alongside six suspected separatists by soldiers in the locality of Bombe Bakundu, South West region of Cameroon, sources have confirmed.
Gerald Fuh, 32, who was a registered Cameroonian refugee in Nigeria was killed when Cameroonian soldiers launched an assault on suspected armed separatists in the locality.

Amongst the seven suspected armed separatists was a woman, the sources within the Cameroonian army confirmed.

The operation carried out by soldiers of the Rapid Intervention Batallion and the Motorised Infantry Batallion saw them equally seize several weapons and amunition.

In a related development, the Cameroon army said it had destroyed a separatist camp in Mile 14, Buea during an assault launced on Tuesday that enabled them to seize several weapons and amunition.

The Mile 14 operation was carried out after violent clashes over the weekend between security forces and suspected separatist fighters in the locality which led to the death of a civilian caught in the cross-fire and three soldiers seriously injured.


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