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March 3, 2019

Cameroon: five students kidnapped in Bamenda

At least five students were abducted by gun men from a secondary school in Bamenda, capital of the North West region of Cameroon on Friday, sources have confirmed.
Sources told journalducameroun.com that the gunmen had alighted from a neighbouring bush around the Government Biligual High School Atiela before storming the Lower Sixth classroom taking away six students.

Security forces who had been alerted launched a chase, firing shot at the direction of the armed men but were unable to track them down.

However, one of the students was able to escape on the way as she returned with a bruised leg and wass immediately taken for treatment.

The scene created panic in the locality as parents rushed to take their children home while students also crowded infront of the school gate as they clamour to return home.

Despite the strong denial from the school administration, they were left with no option but to let the gates open for the students to return home.

The fate of the abducted students is still unknown as school authorities are yet to issue any official statement.

Students and teachers have been on the wrong side of suspected armed men side the escalation of the conflict in Cameroon’s English speaking regions.

At least five students were abducted and released days later in Bafut by armed men, on the day school resumed on the national territory.

The violence in the North West and South West regions of the country has forced many schools to shut down while many students have crossed over to safer cities to continue studies.

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