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March 2, 2019

Benefits of drinking water on an empty stomach every morning

It’s no secret that the benefits of taking water everyday are immense.
We already told you the best timings to take water for the best results. But, that’s not all, today, we will comb through the benefits of taking a glass of room temperature water on an empty stomach every single morning. It may sound like such a simple and even normal thing to do but, it’s very important for your overall health. Here’s what happens to your body when you drink a glass of water every morning on an empty stomach:

1. You get less headaches.
Many people complain of getting migraines and headaches in the morning and midmorning hours. Sometimes, those headaches are caused by dehydration and an intake of water on an empty stomach allows for appropriate hydration. People who have stuck to this daily habit have reported that the headaches stopped after some time.

2. You say goodbye to constipation.

Intake of water in the morning helps regulate the digestive system.

3. Hello clear skin!

Water helps flush out toxins that cause spots and pimples on your skin. It detoxifies your body and this will result in clear, glowing skin after some time.

4. Helps boost your metabolism.

This in turn reduces problems like bloating and even boosts energy levels.

5. Reduces the occurrence of kidney stones.

Water dilutes the acids in the body and this prevents or reduces the formation of kidney stones which are harmful to your health.

6. Aids in weight loss and helps strengthen the immune system.

7. Helps dilute the body acids and keep the PH levels balanced which prevents things like heartburn.


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