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March 2, 2019

A son-in-law of Paul Biya arrested for conspiracy against the president

The activist coordinator of the movement “Everything but Paul Biya” was arrested yesterday Sunday in Douala as he was preparing to take part in a march to denounce the “politico-electoral hold-up” underway in Cameroon. No other formal reason has been given after the arrest of the “Lieutenant of the Hunting”, but the Newsstand newspaper on Monday, October 22, understands something.

It is a little over 8 hours, in a suitable place for a drink, a young lady, English speaking exchange with a man. The menu of exchanges attracts the attention of the master of the house. In essence, a life-size attack plan is in full preparation.

Everything is preparing in pijhin A local non-universal Englishman To better tame the men in nervous uniforms who are on both sides of Dakar, the young lady has an idea: “She introduced herself to us as a journalist.


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