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March 5, 2019

225 individuals sentenced to death in Cameroon

The 16th World Day against the Death Penalty was celebrated on October 10, 2018, under the theme: “The conditions of life on the death row”. The opportunity to recall that to date in Cameroon, about 225 people are sentenced to death.

According to the Network of Cameroonian Lawyers Against the Death Penalty (RACOPEM), the largest number of death row prisoners are in the Far North region. In prisons in this region, there are approximately 117 detainees on death row. “The courts of Maroua make Cameroon the 5th country in the world in terms of sentencing to death,” said Nestor Toko, president of RACOPEM.

It should be noted, however, that Cameroon has not seen executions of those sentenced to death since 1997. But in Cameroon, human rights associations are mobilizing for the outright abolition of the death penalty.

The impartial Justice Association created in 2014 has just launched the project “Education of young people to abolish the death penalty in Cameroon”. It is about mobilizing young people to involve them in the process of fighting the death penalty.

source: afrinews.pro

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