Saturday, September 24, 2022

Editorial Policy

At Daily news cameroon, once you want to write down for us, you’ve got to follow a specific set of rules and comply with specific terms. As we collectively work as a team to deliver quality content to our readers, we make our contract with writers consistent with the editorial policies. The editing unit can reject the article if they don’t feel that the author is functioning consistent with the systems.

  • We ask our writers to work on the stories and information with a relevant base of authentication because we aim to maintain the reputation of consistent and reliable knowledge.
  • The writer must keep in mind that the writeup is targetting a set of audience who is not just common but real information seekers who tend to find benefits from the information our website provides. So the writer must research before writing the article and verify the content from reliable sources.
  • The writeup must contain valuable information for our readers, and the writer must aim to present the latest news regarding the indoors and outdoors of the finance and business. The information provided by the writer must be a value for time read.
  • The content created by the writer should be unbiased about any product, company, or individual. You should not use any article or a part of an item that promotes anything. As we are a reliable source of information providers, we do not believe in wasting our reader’s time by making them unwillingly read promotional messages.

At Daily news cameroon, we shall create high-quality authentic articles for our valuable readers, which is why we ask our associate writers to follow all the policies. The writers must take full responsibility for the authenticity of the content provided by them. The writers and editors are collectively liable for the standard of content.